Student Fellows

The Start-Up of You Student Fellows are some of the most entrepreneurial student leaders in the world. Each of them has shown a remarkable dedication to improving themselves, their networks, and their communities.

Henry Ammar
University of Southern California

Henry Ammar is currently a senior studying Real Estate Development and Finance in the Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California (USC). He is the President of the Trojan Real Estate Association and has represented USC as a Team Leader in Shanghai, Beijing, and Hong Kong on a real estate fellowship and in an International Real Estate Case Competition.

Henry has interned with a Goldman Sachs’ Archon Group and Caruso Affiliated during his attendance at USC. He has experienced success in the music industry and cheerleading industry and is emerging in the real estate industry. Recognized with national leadership awards, various community service awards, and a Grammy award, Henry aims for great success in the real estate industry.

Junior An
University College London

I am a student and hyperlocal mobile entrepreneur currently living in London. I am originally from Berlin, Germany, where I spent my high school years. It is my ambition to engage myself in one of the current paradigm shifts of the world, such as the glocal movement, hyperlocal platforms, and alternative energy investments.

Peregrine Badger
Harvard University

To found / be a leader of a company that changes the world for the better.

To go to the Olympics.

Arjun Balaji
Northeastern University

I’m a freshman at Northeastern University and a lifelong student of the game. When I’m in class, I study computer science, finance and marketing. When I’m at work, I work on emerging adaptive testing technology. At nights, I write spoken word poetry and fight bad guys.

I cold emailed my way into my current gig at 17 and consistently trick people into thinking I know what I’m doing. I’m always ready to learn and hungry to do. I don’t know much, but what I do know is that a 9-5 job, typical occupation and lifestyle is out of the question. I’m meant to do a lot more. I feel it, and I know it. I have a sense of purpose and with it the ability to heed my calling.

Feel free to challenge me. I dare you.

Raveen Beemsingh
Lehigh University

A business graduate at the Masters level with a good understanding of Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Computer Programming. I am also Multi-Lingual and experienced on full Software Development Life Cycle.

Looking for Product Management and Business Development opportunities in Internet Technology companies.

John Capecelatro
Babson College

John Capecelatro is currently studying business at Babson College, focusing specifically on entrepreneurship, finance, and management. From an early age, John was certain that he wanted to be involved in business.

After arriving at Babson, John actively sought out opportunities to create a meaningful impact on the greater campus community. As a founding father of the Iota Omicron Chapter of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, John has helped to shape the future direction of the Greek Community on campus. In addition to his involvement in this organization, John plays with the Babson Jazz Ensemble, participates in the Babson Outdoor Club, and is an active and enthusiastic member of the sailing club.

His professional efforts began with a failed startup called GroupGain – a social network-oriented e-commerce startup. Initially tasked with assisting in the development and maintenance of the company’s social media presence, John has worked additionally in the business development and marketing areas. In his last role, he oversaw the development of a customer philosophy and strategy for interacting with users.

At the conclusion of this position, John accepted a position at Babson College managing the social media presence of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. He managed the research organization’s social media presence, helping to establish GEM as a modern-day, interactive portal for all available research on entrepreneurial activity across the globe.

In January, John was offered an associate position with the TechStars program in Boston. Working under Katie Rae, Reed Sturtevant, and Aaron O’Hearn, he first began working with several of the portfolio companies, but switched to working full-time on the Boston Startup School. .

John hopes to approach future endeavors with the same vigor and determination that he has exhibited throughout his life. He aspires to pursue a unique path, start trends, lead others, and ultimately leave a positive impact on society.

James Cartwright
Lawrence University

I am an undergraduate student, researcher, and media developer based in Indianapolis and Appleton, WI.

As a student at Lawrence University, I designed a major in human communication to complement my studies in biological anthropology. This educational path offers me the opportunity to continuously learn through creative development, experiential learning, social research, and technical skill growth.

Over my short career, I have strived to build skills by combining my education to experiential activities. I am currently the Editor-in-Chief of The Lawrentian, the student-run weekly newspaper of Lawrence University. As the manager of business and creative elements of the newspaper, I have implemented stages of product development, re-branding, and quality assessment.

In pursuit of my longterm goals, I have sought out external experiences that build skills while offering the potential for personal growth.

In 2011, I served as a NSF-funded research fellow at the University of Notre Dame’s Laboratory for Biocultural Studies. Since then, I have worked with global health organizations on various health communications projects, combining international development with social entrepreneurship.

My current work with Health Development Initiative – Rwanda has provided me with substantial experience living in a developing region while cultivating my interests in health communication. My current projects include a social networking website that offers Rwandan students opportunities to discuss sexual health issues in a safe, online environment

Gediminas Černiauskas
Gothenburg University

Entrepreneurship and Business Creation student with B.Sc. in Biophysics, with a mixed international work experience in IT start-ups, retail, and academia. Currently focused on my studies but already thinking ahead and looking for the next adventure.

Cassandra Chin
Boston University

Cassandra has been lucky enough to have interned for non-profits extending from San Francisco to Madrid. She hopes to continue to be involved in organizations that aim to ensure the best education for persons of all demographics.

Safwan Chowdhury
Macquarie University

Entrepreneur and university student who is exploring opportunities in the clothing and fashion industry.

I have had a wide range of international experience in the corporate & legal sectors, the not-for-profit sector, as well as in entrepreneurship.

Andrew Chung
Claremont McKenna College

Andrew Chung is a freshman at Claremont McKenna College where he intends on studying economics and philosophy.

Previously, Andrew was Technology Director for the New Jersey Teenage Republicans, a moderate Republican group dedicated to promoting the ideals of limited government and fiscal responsibility. He also interned with New Jersey State Senator Gerald Cardinale. These experiences have given him insight into how technology can disrupt and improve the political process.

Andrew is passionate about entrepreneurship, particularly at the intersections of social enterprise and technology.

Nick Ciesinski
University of Southern California

Currently a junior at the University of Southern California majoring in Industrial and Systems Engineering and with a minor in Business.

Both playing and watching sports occupy my free time, but I also enjoy learning about various subjects. I try to push myself every day, preferring new challenges compared to familiar work.

Wade Colburn
North Carolina State University

As a student at North Carolina State University, it is my desire to use my degree in Biomedical Engineering to blur the line between the biomedical industry and the business world.

It is my hope to use my passion for the medical field and my entrepreneurial drive to transform the biomedical industry. I will graduate May 2014 and hope to pursue higher level education in the areas of tissue engineering and business.

Being from San Diego County, CA, I am especially interested in opportunities in North Carolina or California, but welcome any internship, networking or business proposals.

Abigail Dahl
Oregon State University

Currently, I am a student at Oregon State University studying Business. I have had basic jobs in my hometown, but am slowly working my way up to a professional career that I would like to have in the future. This is why I have started my own business called Cycle-Jacket. I really enjoy talking to people and being a leader. I am able to think quickly and prepare for any situation. I have traveled to help people, which is why I have been to Guatemala with the OSU SIFE team to help families start up their own businesses in a developing community. I am always striving to better myself, and am always appreciative of criticism. My goal in college is to become a more well-rounded individual, and to prepare myself for a bright future ahead. I am always open to learning new things, and find that I am open to almost anything.

Siraj Datoo
University of Warwick

I am studying French with International Studies at the University of Warwick.

At university, I am involved in a number of different activities yet I dedicate most of my time to The Student Journals, an online magazine I founded in October 2010. I felt that students did not have a platform to express themselves on a national scale and founded TSJ as a result. It has steadily been growing since its launch and almost within a year of launch, it was voted the 25th best group blog in the UK and the Runner Up (Website of the Year) at the Guardian Student Media Awards.

My interest in business has particularly risen in the past few years and my involvement in TEDxWarwick and TSJ in particular have allowed me to be inspired and to develop important skills required for working in such a field.

My goals for the future include working in a creative and dynamic environment where I am finding intelligent solutions to help businesses develop strategies to counteract problems – or simply helping them to innovate and grow.

Saagar Deshpande
Harvard University

I am a student hungry for information on anything tech and CS. I’m always interested in new projects, and really appreciate the ideas coming from the start-up world. As a developer, I have a background in C, Java, Python, and website development. I’m always eager to learn about new concepts, especially about algorithms, hardware, and webdev. Also, I have some experience with financial technology and startups.

Jeremy Fiance
University of California, Berkeley

Jeremy is a UC Berkeley junior, young entrepreneur, and lifelong learner.

His experience ranges from working with student startups, non-profits, an angel investment group, a private wealth management firm, and a film production studio.

Jeremy is studying business and interdisciplinary topics with a focus on the role of entrepreneurship and innovation in economic growth. He is working to unify campus entrepreneurship culture through student groups and university initiatives.

Currently, Jeremy is leading the Northern California region of Kairos Society, an international student entrepreneur community. We are bringing together students from across the world to tackle global challenges with venture solutions.

For fun, Jeremy enjoys basketball, soccer, martial arts, lacrosse, live music, shooting/editing short films, mentorship/coaching, and brainstorming ideas.

Matthew Fishman
Farleigh Dickinson University 

A passionate entrepreneurship student, Fishman has headed up Marketing & PR at Agent Anything since 2010, a services networking company that makes it easy for businesses and individuals to hire students for errands, odd-jobs and temporary positions. He is also the founder of Launchpad, FDU’s first student-led entrepreneurship organization, which helps to create new startups. He has received entrepreneurship scholarships for two consecutive years. He is also now a columnist for Entrepreneur Media. You can follow him on twitter @fishmanmatthew.

Shadrack Osei Frimpong
University of Pennsylvania

An aspiring physician who is also deeply interested in global health, foster care issues as well as infrastructural development in developing countries.

Denise Ge
University of Southern California

I am a passionate, driven undergraduate student at USC pursuing a degree in International Relations/Global Business, with an emphasis in International Finance. Through previous internships and finance-oriented coursework, I have developed a strong interest in financial services. I plan to spend my junior year abroad at the London School of Economics, where I will build upon the academic foundations I have built in both economics and international relations. The bulk of my professional experience has been in the investment banking sector, and I would like to pursue that path for the immediate future. I strive to contribute significantly to every place I work, and take part in something meaningful.

Georgi Georgiev
Lund University

I grew up in Bulgaria but I consider the world my home. With a big love for adventure and exploring international opportunities, I racked up mileage all over the globe. I lived, worked and studied in five countries, traveled to a dozen more and learned several languages.

I attend Lund University in Sweden, scheduled to graduate in June of 2013 with a Master’s of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. After graduating, I hope to find an opportunity to apply my open mind and fresh ideas at one of the tech giants located in Europe.

Alicia Glenn
Howard University

Passionate about entrepreneurship. Autodidactic. Avid reader. Big dreamer.

David Guhl
Cornell University

Professional experience in strategy, consumer products, finance, education, and technology fields.

Constantly learning and exploring new areas of interest to maximize personal potential.

Passionate about sharing my experiences and empowering underprivileged youth through educational mentorship initiatives.

Ahmed Haider
University of Technology Sydney

I like to create and facilitate change through entrepreneurial endeavours and make an impact on people’s lives. My hope is to one day do this on a grand scale by working alongside some of the most talented individuals.

Brennan Hall
University of Victoria

Victoria, B.C. has been my home for the last three years. T-shirts, Levi’s and Vans are my uniform. But it rains a little in the winter. Not like the rest of the coast, but enough to mess with my uniform. My Vans get wet and a hoodie, a jacket and a raincoat cover my t-shirt. Humidity works both ways–six degrees in the rain is cold.

I want my life to be like Victoria. I want constant excitement surrounded by Olympic beauty.

This summer I started an internship with the Rifflandia music festival. I’ve only worked a couple shifts but it’s starting to get busy. I plan on learning as much as I can about how the festival operates, communicates with festival goers and organizes itself.

Two summer’s ago I ran a Student Works Painting franchise. It was the most difficult task I’ve undertaken and my learning curve was a little flat. But I made it through, if slightly discouraged. The constant opportunities to learn and grow are what drew me to taking on the SWP franchise, and those same things are what are drawing me slowly back to the world of business.

William Hines
University College London

Undergraduate student at UCL pursuing a BSc in Computer Science. Passionate about startups, having launched my first business aged 18 and currently co-founder of NearNote.

Business development consultant with experience in digital PR, journalism, marketing and social media.

Broad technical skills (front + back end) and Adobe Suite, Quark XPress.

Anthony Howerton
University of Tennessee-Knoxville

My goal is to develop my career in the financial world by striving for personal proficiency in the banking and investing industries. I am driven to personal excellence, and I am very self motivated to succeed. I am hard worker who is very devoted to seeing projects through till the end. I have experience in personnel management, and coordination, and I am continually seeking to expand my knowledge base in this area.

James Zac Martin Hunton
University of Portmouth

I am a driven and ambitious Finance undergraduate and I bring creativity, problem solving and professionalism to whatever challenge I am presented with. With my work experience I have proven that I can easily adapt to any situation and work within any team. Providing outstanding customer service has enabled me to develop my communication skills. I am enthusiastic and highly motivated to succeed in the dynamic and fast paced environment of Investment Banking.

I have recently been elected as the Portsmouth Business School Faculty President. This is one of the most prestigious positions to which a student can be elected: there are over 5000 students from within the Business and Law schools. I am comfortable with responsibility and I can communicate effectively with large groups of people. My leadership and interpersonal skills are further illustrated by my being president of a business society that I founded at University. It has over 400 members in its first year.

My two role models are my brothers both of whom are well established at Morgan Stanley. From them I have learnt much about the industry and the way that it operates. They have also given me the opportunity to gain work experience thereby allowing me to explore the industry first hand and appreciate its values. This has further fuelled my passion to work within Investment Banking I have further broadened my experience by completing a placement at ICAP as well as a summer internship with Rolls-Royce in Germany.

Additionally I would like to own and run my own business(es) integrating all of the skills and knowledge I have to develop and provide products and services that benefit many individuals, as well as challenge and push myself.

Anthony Huntley
University of Warwick

To name a few of my current interests; Entrepreneurship, Brand Management/Perception and how Technology can be used to improve our public and personal lives.

  • Passionate about self-improvement and continuous learning
  • Very keen to maximize value derived from collaboration within networks
  • Very interested in the optimization of networks to unlock latent potential
  • Passionate about People
  • Passionately Curious

Sithan Kanna
Imperial College London

Sithan Kanna is an Electrical Engineering student at Imperial College London. He specializes in the field of Adaptive Signal Processing and Machine Learning.

Ravi Kaushik
Indian School of Business

Student at the Indian School of Business. Worked in the technology sphere as a salesperson at National Instruments and as a software developer at Qwest Software.

Experienced in dealing with scientists, engineers and managers at Defense Labs and Research Firms. Focus is on product development, innovation, business strategy and marketing.

Interested in storytelling, debating, ideas, photography and technology. Competed on the International stage in debate at Oxford, Korea and Bangladesh. Personal technology consultant to friends and uncles.

Brady Kent
Southwestern University

I am a senior Political Science major, Latin American Studies and Spanish minor, graduating from Southwestern University in May of 2013 with a 3.85 GPA.My interests and experience lie in International Affairs, Politics, and Higher Education Administration, and I am actively seeking challenging internships that will allow me to continue developing and contributing my skills in those fields.I have held multiple peer leadership positions in organizations ranging from 5 to 1400 people, where I have been responsible for working with others to help create, act on and accomplish our shared goals in a timely fashion. I have used these opportunities to improve my skills relating with constituents, managing groups, conducting independent research, mentoring and teaching others, and synthesizing information to effectively and efficiently share it with a broad audience.I am a passionate learner and listener who enjoys making connections, between both people and ideas, and using good design and concise, relevant communication to increase understanding and help others accomplish their goals.

Ryan Krebs
University of California, Los Angeles

I am a recent UCLA graduate (Class of 2012) and an aspiring innovator who has passions for entrepreneurship, envisioning the future, and discovering unique solutions to the world’s problems. Possessing a diversity of interest, experience and skills in various fields, from entertainment, to politics, to startups, my foremost goal is to launch new ventures and/or work for one this year.

Mariya Kretova
Northern Virginia Community College

Mariya Kretova, from McLean, Virginia, is a sophomore majoring in English. Mariya has won awards and scholarships for her study of the German language, tutored children in French and reading comprehension, and served as a member of the finance committee in her university’s student government. She also founded a mentoring program focused on partnering high school students in the D.C. area with college mentors to work together through the college admissions process. Mariya plans to get a doctorate degree in English literature.

Avantika Krishna
Trinity University

Second year student studying Human Communication and Business Administration at Trinity University, a liberal arts college located in San Antonio, Texas.

Extremely passionate and enthusiastic about global equality and equity, I intend on gaining exposure and experience in the political and advocacy realms through internships, extracurriculars, and other such opportunities. Currently, I advocate for gender equality and youth engagement in civics and politics through my extracurriculars. I plan on continuing my social activism work, aspiring to eventually work for a Non-governmental or non-profit organization, or the government.

Michael Lai
Harvard College

Undergrad at Harvard College studying political science, passionate about using technology, entrepreneurship, and design to solve social and public sector problems, from increasing openness, transparency, and accountability in our political process to finding innovative ways to better K-12 education and fix the higher education bubble.

Competitive golfer and lover of sports who believes that health is the cornerstone of being dynamic and creative.

Values openness, balance, and learning.

Mark Lail
University of Alabama

I am a senior, economics major, at the University of Alabama. I focus on providing value to my peers and everyone around me with advice and working closely to provide opportunities. I find this rewarding and helps myself grow my leadership and communication skills. I am a part of LinkedIn to grow my network and spread my knowledge and help more people while also improving my own skill set from other’s input.

Jonathan Lamptey
London School of Economics

I am incredibly enthusiastic about promoting wider participation in the economy by entrepreneurs and start up businesses particularly from underrepresented groups.

Hosting workshops and seminars to give businesses the tools they need to understand their operations and performance in terms of fundamental business principles. (Look out for a rebranded relaunch).

My PhD research explores how the accountancy profession can better meet the needs of businesses operating in an uncertain market by employing a more diverse talent pool engaging underrepresented groups.

This unique approach combines a professional accounting background, startup experience and academic expertise to focus on how start-ups can create and measure sustainable value.

My blogging, writing and speaking affords me the opportunity to spread the word about financial literacy!

Brandon Liu
Harvard University

I’m passionate about creating technology solutions to innovate our way out of the most pressing problems in America and in the world. I am also passionate about developing global leaders in technology through education, experience, and exposure.

My ambition is to rally a group of highly-competent individuals to address an underserved problem or need in society using technology in an economically sustainable model.

My experiences and skills are in software development, software consulting, organizational leadership, and teaching.

Sola Lawal
Indiana University

An Entrepreneurship / Strategy Researcher interested in acquisitions and post-acquisition integration effectiveness. I’m looking to do academic research that truly changes the world of business.

Matthew Lunnen
Rollins College

Matt is a senior at Rollins College where he is majoring in International Business and minoring in Economics. A believer in learning by doing, he spent his summer in Madrid at don Quijote, a Spanish language school, in an intensive class for six weeks. Recently, Matt accepted a job at a marketing and consulting firm in Shanghai.

Tyler Makin
University of Southern California

I have held a number of positions, both professional and volunteer. Most notably:

  • Sold website to Penske Motor Group, owner of Longo Toyota (largest car dealership in the world) in July 2012. Website was designed to fill a void created by Toyota in customer service. Site allows Longo car buyers to easily and quickly set up their new car. Website will be seen by most of Longo’s 20,000+ annual car buyers.
  • Hired at Longo Toyota after summer internship to develop additional sites, including the Delivery Checklist site which will be used by nearly all of Longo Toyota’s 20,000+ annual car buyers.
  • Elected to the Public Relations Chair of the USC Racing team’s Executive Board three consecutive years
  • Established graphic design artist
  • Started small business buying and selling bikes to USC students, exporting bikes from West Los Angeles to USC
  • Eagle Scout

David Mangold
University of California, Los Angeles

David’s two passions are business and education. He hopes to succeed in entrepreneurship and one day help others do the same. He is currently pursuing a BA in Business-Economics at UCLA with minors in both accounting and Mandarin Chinese.

Afrothiti Manolis
University of Southern California

During my academic career at the University of Southern California, where I am majoring in music industry and double minoring in the communications and songwriting, I now know just how passionate and dedicated to the music industry I am. Advertising and promoting upcoming events and festivals in addition to working directly on projects with the artists/actors as well as their team at my internships, fostered my own sense of determination and instilled a sense of perseverance in me.

These past years at my internships, specifically React Presents, have given me the opportunity to successfully fulfill the needs and wants of clients in a professional and creative manner. Further, my internships have brought out a personality in me and have inspired me to pursue a career in the music industry.

As I embark on furthering my passion and follow my desire to evolve, through what inspires me, I am determined to excel professionally and continuously put forth every effort to achieve that. I am an extremely determined individual who strives to succeed in all I do. I aim to showcase my personality, knowledge, and skills thorough my experiences to make a difference in the world of the music industry.

Samuel Marks
Macquarie University

Tech Entrepreneur, Software Engineer and Bachelor of IT student with a passion for efficient algorithm development and decreasing development time through open-source libraries.

Currently dividing my time between working at Roamz, studying at Macquarie University and building up a Startup of my own.

Jonathan Mason
Harvard University

I was born in Prince George’s County, MD; this sparked my interest into Inequality and specifically education inequality. These interests led me to study Sociology and African-American Studies at Harvard. I also knew that financial security and literacy were very important to the alleviation of inequality. Therefore, I decided that I would need to supplement my classroom education with a more quantitative look at the world. My resume reflects pursuits in finance, but I have always remained in touch with the community service sector. I have continuously worked in education through Harvard tutoring programs domestically as well as abroad in Africa. I have always wanted to bridge the gap between my two life-long interests: Business and Community Service. Moreover, I will continue to strive to become a successful socially conscious businessperson.

Hossein Mazrouei
Aston Business School

An organised and self-motivated undergraduate who is solution driven, focused and has an excellent understanding of marketing and business concepts such as consumer decision making process, business planning and marketing strategies which led to success in different related competitions. My entrepreneurial flair makes me enjoy challenges as well as developing new and existing skills.

Jack McDermott
Tufts University

Young entrepreneur, passionate about making education accessible through technology. Currently working to improve the lives of people with speech disorders through mobile apps.

Kevin Miller
North Carolina State University

I’m a lover of the world, leading me to work with 22 entrepreneurs fighting the world’s greatest problems at the Unreasonable Institute.

Before that, this love fueled a healthy travel addiction leading me to 9 Latin American countries. I did everything from living in a rural village in the Dominican Republic & working with a non-profit I helped found to studying entrepreneurship at a University in Costa Rica & teaching English at a center for ex-prostitutes in it’s capital city. For me, traveling is learning and living to it’s fullest ability.

Also, I’m a StartingBloc Fellow, spoke at TEDxNCSU, and have succeeded working 80+ hrs/week running a door-to-door sales business.

What drives me is a desire to see everyone in the world have the opportunity to live a dignified live. Relationships and entrepreneurship are my vehicles to enact this change. It’s happening.

I can usually be caught smiling at something, laughing with the amazing people I’m blessed to call my friends, or planning life’s next adventure.

Ziyad Mir
University of Waterloo

Systems Design Engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Internships at RIM, Qualcomm, LinkedIn, and Google. Interested in multi-disciplinary problems and developing as a polymath.

Chase Mizzell
University of South Carolina

I have a poignant strength in evaluating needs and creating innovative solutions to fill them. I am passionate about hunger and have founded two organizations that work to lessen the problem. We are now scaling these organizations to help thousands in communities around the country.

I also have experience as a technology entrepreneur, founding one and co-founding two companies each in the software, website, and mobile app development sector.

I have extensive experience in project and team management. Also proficiencies in accounting, finance, and economics.

One of my greatest personal strengths lies within my ability to relate with people and instill value that drives productivity.

Sung (John) Moon
Rutgers University

I am looking to network with motivated entrepreneurs and individuals to help each other grow.

Striving to build a successful startup within the next 2 years.

Robert Murray
California State University, Fullerton

  • Entrepreneur, leader, and forwarding thinking scholar.
  • Working toward a B.A. in Economics with a Minor in Business Administration at CSUF. Expected graduation date: Spring 2013
  • Interested in start-ups, wealth management, financial advising, economic research, and teaching.
  • Because of my organizational skills, friendly personality, and successful attitude throughout my college career, I can adapt to new environments, learn new skill sets, and overcome challenges better than my peers.

Pranav Mutatkar
University of California, Los Angeles

I am a freshman at UCLA intending to major in Mathematics and Economics. At UCLA, I am part of the Mock Trial team, Toastmasters Club, and the Alumni Scholar Club. I actively participate in the Alumni Scholar Club as a coordinator where I have gained important leadership skills. I am also developing my leadership skills in position of Vice President of Public Relations in my Toastmaster club. I have learned the importance of leadership and service in Boy Scouts and have received Scouting’s highest honor, the Eagle Scout Award. My experience in acting and performing improv in high school has also taught me many important skills. I am passionate about growing as an individual and helping give back to those who have inspired me to do so.

Chenny Ng
Northwestern University

Born in Malaysia and having lived in Brazil, Thailand, Singapore, and the United States since then, new challenges have always been an integral part of my life. Today, I seek that challenge through fulfilling experiences related to social entrepreneurship and legal justice. This impulse has led me to:

  • Interview clients for asylum law cases
  • Initiate arts education at a local community center and use that experience to implement a similar summer arts program for deaf children in Malaysia
  • Research 250+ immigration policies to trace historical trends and set advocacy goals
  • Manage a dance company with annual show revenues of over $4,300
  • Provide humanitarian aid in the Sonoran Desert
  • Promote an inaugural service day that attracted 4,000+ volunteers to pack 1,000,000 dried meals for school feeding programs.

Catherine Okafor
Barton College

Catherine Okafor is a senior mass communications major. She is passionate about female empowerment, college readiness and leadership development. She began her activism work during her sophomore year of college after joining her school’s feminist union.

Catherine is the founder of a female empowerment camp, WISE Girls, that she started in the spring of 2012 on her college campus.The camp was designed for her Young People For (YP4) blueprint for social justice. She worked as a Bill Clinton Global Initiative Representative where she worked to get her campus involved in service learning programs.

After graduation, she plans to continue her education and get her Masters in College Student Affairs and to one day earn a Ph.D. in Higher Education. In her spare time she enjoys watching basketball, reading, traveling, and writing for the Huffington Post College.

João Oliveira
Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

João is currently finishing a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management but, early in his university years, he became fascinated and addicted to the startup world. Following that passion, he started to become quite active in the Portuguese startup scene also cooperating with other European hubs since he hosted the Startup Live Porto event in late 2010. In 2011, João co-founded Startup Pirates, an acceleration program for entrepreneurs in the making that helps entrepreneurial communities in their growth.

Hunter Owens
University of Southern California

Hunter is a 21 year old entrepreneur from Southern California. He accelerates startups from a marketing and business perspective. Hunter began working on My Tech Question, offering computer support and consulting, at the age of 16 and today it serves many individuals and businesses across the country. In 2010, he co-founded Accelsor, a realtime website and content creation platform. He is also responsible for the formation of Millennial Generation Entrepreneurs, a coterie of Generation Y entrepreneurs who have collectively raised $9.5 million as founders at an average age of 18. Beyond startups, his passions include design, traveling, architecture, snowboarding, photography, sushi, and tea.

Aatash Parikh
University of California, Berkeley

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of California, Berkeley. I’m studying electrical engineering/computer science, and I’m passionate about that subject, as well as design, video, graphics, and entrepreneurship.

David Perez
University of Illinois

  • Pursuing degrees in Marketing and International Business with concentration on emerging markets(BRIC) with a focus on Brazil and China.
  • Multi-Talented and highly motivated individual who has a passion for global entrepreneurship and has studied in Asia, South America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East.
  • Interested in the entrepreneurship, venture capital, business technology and management consulting. Also interested in international relations and diplomatic careers.
  • Senior at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign.

Rafael Pires
Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto

Curious tech guy, with a recently found passion for design, exploring the entrepreneurship world! Cofounder of Startup Pirates, an acceleration program for entrepreneurs in the making that aims to help entrepreneurial communities to growth. He started to work for a consulting company focused on Software Quality, before finishing his Master degree in Computer Engineering and now is focused on Startup Pirates full time. He’s also enthusiastic about sharing ideas and experiences, wich leads him to participate and organize events all the time. Also taking a Master’s Degree in Innovation and Technological Entrepreneurship.

Christopher Pruijsen
University of Oxford

Christopher was the youngest-ever President of Oxford Entrepreneurs (the world’s largest student-run entrepreneurship society, with over 8,000 members) for March – June 2012.

He engaged in a number of new international partnerships for the organisation (eg. FounderBus UK) personally secured sponsorship worth over £50,000 and increased the social media presence of OE by more than 75% during his tenure.

He is a current student at the University of Oxford, where he matriculated at age 17. He sits on the Board of Directors of Oxfordshire Business First and the Advisory Board of Venturefest Oxford. He is a Student Member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the RSA, and has been helping both with the development of their student membership programmes in the UK. He is a co-founder of Let’s VC and the founding Country Manager UK for LetsLunch.

Salman Rajput
Dartmouth College

I am seeking to use entrepreneurship as a tool to accomplish social missions, specifically in relation to health and wellness. I have much experience in leadership and helping build organizations.

Artis Rams
University of Latvia

I am open minded and motivated entrepreneur from Riga, Latvia. Currently I am shaping ideas for future entrepreneurship in the Baltic States.

Have worked as self-employed professional photographer for more then five years in Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Italy and Spain.

Thanks to experience in IT industry I have good understanding and knowledge’s related to new technologies, software and computers.

I am keen explorer of myself and the world around me and I gladly share my experience and knowledge’s with others.

Mahatma Gandhi quote that describes me a lot – Be the change you want to see in the world.

Connor Regan
Northwestern University

I am an undergraduate at Northwestern University double majoring in Economics and Learning & Organizational Change with a minor in Legal Studies. I currently serve on the Young Leaders Council of Best Buddies International, an organization that aims to create opportunities for friendship, integrated employment, and inclusion for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. I also serve in leadership positions in nonprofit organizations like the California Association of Student Councils and Youth Leadership America, which aim to empower youth by educating them about professional skills and effective communication through utilization of curricula such as ‘Tools for Reaching Agreement’, ‘The Gemini Model’, ‘Presentation Skills’, and ‘The Project Planning Arrow (PPA)’. I am also able to explore my interest in sociology and human behavioral research through my work on the California Young Adult Study in the Department of Sociology at the University of Southern California.

I hope to become more heavily invested in student government, as well as business- and economics-based organizations during my undergraduate years. I consider myself to be in a period of academic and professional exploration, so my long-term goals and aspirations are therefore undetermined.

Vanessa Restrepo
Universidad de Antioquía

I am a Molecular Biology Student Researcher in Biotechnology. Since my first academic semester, I have worked at University of Antioquia Biotechnology Research Group in the University Research Center (SIU).

In 2011 I was recognized as a “Young Talented Woman in Science and Technology” by the City Mayor of Medellín, who chose me to represent and promote women in science. I’ve executed public budgets and conducted the project “Women in Science, a Social View”.

I’m interested in designing technology that improves quality of life, especially for populations living in a state of vulnerability. To accomplish this, I have developed an integral proposal which includes the design of pedagogic innovative material (e.g., poetry to explain floods), believing that science can only be understood when you can explain it simply.

Aim to work with Google, Apple or other top class technology company, in the develop of new technologies doing innovative prototyping.

Also I want to continue to collaborate with non-profite and governmental organizations to the improvement of education.

Carla Rodríguez
Colegio Babeque Secundaria

I am a proactive university student, I create goals and pursue them. My goals short term are graduating college and establishing a wide professional network and enrolling in a masters degree program. Long term my goals are building my own company and expanding my business to the United States

Harris Romanos
Panepistimion Patron / University of Patras

Senior medical student, aspiring to work at the intersection of healthcare and technology.

Jonathan Rooker
Kenyon College

Because of my liberal arts education, experience as a competitive swimmer, and upbringing in a middle class society, my ability to see the world from someone else’s perspective is enhanced, and much more adaptive to innovation.

Carl Shan
University of California, Berkeley

Always learning.

Abhijit Sharma
DePaul University

Product person with a strong technical background. Worked on products ranging from games to software to movies. Created a system at university for multi-disciplinary team-building, which led to the creation of 2 companies from concept to market.

Gained insights on what makes great teams great as well as the creative process (ranging from processes like design thinking to those that have so far been un-named and those used in game design and movie-making).

Gone out and spoken to customers, understood unspoken needs, and translated those needs into products.

Developed and deployed iPhone apps and worked on Android Apps.

Recently graduated with a Masters Degree in CS, looking to contribute as a product manager.

Jeremy Shih
Indiana University

I see limitless potential in everyone and would love to give back greatness to the world. Positive differences are made person by person in an environment where people love to learn, share, and help others. Let’s build it big.

Kativa Strickland
University of Southern California

I am currently a student at the University of Southern California with a major in Kinesiology and minor in Business Administration. As a Pre-dental student, I aspire to open my own general dentistry and orthodontics practice.

Cindy Sui
University of Chicago

I believe that health is a human right, and that universal access to healthcare is a crucial step to unleashing our global human potential. I have several years of experience with biomedical research but I am pivoting out of the lab and into the clinical/implementation side of medicine, with a particular interest in global health.

I currently work with GlobeMed @ UChicago and our partner organization, ASPAT-Peru, to combat the spread of TB in Lima. We are developing an entrepreneurship boot camp for patients and their families so that they can pull themselves and their communities out of poverty, breaking the cycle of poverty and ill health from the oft-neglected direction.

I want to go to medical school, and afterwards share my expertise through mobile health technologies or perhaps by hacking the medical school curricula of other countries. I am also interested in finding disruptive technologies in healthcare that can easily integrate with the routines of current medical practitioners. Finally, it would be a joy if I could someday write and publish a novel, or a collection of short stories or poems.

Docks Sutherland
New York University

As a rising senior in the Leonard N. Stern School of Business at NYU, my education centers around financial analysis, social entrepreneurship, and the business of entertainment, media, and technology.

Beyond the classroom, I am passionate about youth empowerment, particularly among underprivileged, under-served, at-risk young men in urban communities. I am laboring to found a nonprofit organization focused on providing a holistic introduction to personal responsibility and moral development for disadvantaged children.

My goal is to synthesize my passion for financial markets, public policy, technology, and consumer media into a socially responsible career spanning both the private and public sectors. I am fascinated by the study of corporations in restructuring or distressed situations, and I hope to begin my career as an investment banking analyst in mergers and acquisitions or restructuring advisory.

Gustavo Tavares
Tulane University

It should be easier for you to create, consume, process, think about, discover and store information. As an aspiring information architect/engineer my aim is to make this happen for you through consulting work, another company or my own product.

I hope to build up a small consultancy as I build up my skills and eventually jump on to my own product or build on products I really believe in such as Evernote, Knewton or even better, a combination of the two. (Learning is my secondary goal and seeing those two together would be sweet.) (FYI, Love is the first.)

As a person, my interests include student life, mental illness, behavior design and city life.

Activities I frequently engage in and enjoy include long-distance running, cooking, shower singing and counterfactual thinking.

If you want to learn more about what I’m learning, what I think or who I am check out my website at

James Thomas
Oregon State University

Before starting as an undergraduate at Oregon State University I completed a certificate in hospitality management, and gained work experience in event planning, teamwork, and sales.

I am currently a junior studying bioinformatics and just finished a public health research project working with large data sets. Upon graduation I plan to find a job in the marketing department of a technology company working with events or trade shows. At some point I hope to attend graduate school with a focus in arts, media, and engineering.

Jerry Ting
University of Southern California

Jerry H. Ting is a full scholarship Trustee Scholar at the University of Southern California where he is studying political science, entrepreneurship, and public relations as an USC Annenberg Scholar.

Ting is the Chairman of the Trojan Scholar Society, the largest student organization at USC that represents the top tenth of the undergraduate student population. Ting is also a Communication Research Scholar with the USC Annenberg Center on Communication Leadership and Policy, examining the effects of emotions on effective communication.

As a writer, Ting is an associate news editor with 24/7 digital news source Neon Tommy, concentrating specifically as a political analyst. Ting found his interest in politics after working as an assistant field organizer for the 2011 special elections for Janice Hahn to replace the congressional seat vacated by Jane Harman. He had also worked in local government at the City of Fremont as a city planning intern.

Additionally, Ting is on the executive board of the USC Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity and works as a freelance photographer and designer.

Catherine Uong
University of Southern California

Catherine is intrigued by the role of business in developing communities and inspired by sustainable product designs. She is interested in how technology can create, shape, and drive social change. She also wants to explore how the connectivity of today’s social media world can bring people and resources together.

Mumal Usman
DePauw University

Committed to the advancement of health in society, I am on the path to a career in medicine. Ultimately, I seek to reform gender based disparities in healthcare. Currently, I work with Planned Parenthood on my college campus, and serve as a Global Youth Advocacy Fellow for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. I aim to increase the youth involvement in the area of reproductive rights and sexual health. Medically, I have worked with the Lung Cancer Evaluation Center at the Stony Brook University Medical Center and observed various surgical procedures including, aortic valve replacements and lobectomies. My medical research has led the publication of “Irreversible Electroporation of a Lung Neoplasm” in the Medical Science Monitor. I have also presented and participated in various conferences in these fields including, the United Nations Commission on Population and Development, the International AIDS Conference, and the American Thoracic Society International Meeting.

Claire Utrecht
Strathclyde University

Mechanical Engineer with broad range of experiences in manufacturing and corporate environments, including: new product development, material management, system and component level engineering, consumer insights research, and advanced technology development. Currently combining professional goals with passion to travel by pursuing MS Global Innovation Management in Scotland and Germany through the Erasmus Mundus Consortium.

Other interests include: helping high school and college students realize their passions (specifically in math and science related fields), inspiring young people to travel, and maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle.

Lauren Vannini
Willamette University

As a student at Willamette University, I have grown personally and professionally through the emphasis on life-long service and the holistic approach to a liberal arts education. I strive to lead with integrity and foster a sense of community. I hope to pursue my Masters in Public Administration after graduation (May 2013) and work in fundraising and development for non-profits.

Hristo Vassilev
McGill University

Post-graduation in May 2013 I am looking for opportunities to help companies acquire, understand and engage customers through the online & mobile channels with a focus on measurement and optimization.

I have the Google Analytics Individual Qualification certificate and familiarity with Google AdWords | KISSMetrics | MailChimp | Facebook Ads |

My current curiosities lie in understanding strategy & decision-making under uncertainty through an interdisciplinary approach with a broad range from philosophy, military strategy, evolution, business strategy, behavioral economics, etc. If you are curious, drop me a note and will send you a reading list. Would love if you have reading recommendations as well.

Marissa Vessels
University of California, Berkeley

Third year student at University of California, Berkeley majoring in Political Science with a Public Policy minor.

Henry Wang
University of California, Berkeley

I am a New Zealander studying at the University of California, Berkeley. I seek diverse experiences in life as a means of discovery and skill building. I strongly believe in the application of theories learned in school to personal pains and areas of interest, for an education is not an end in of itself, but rather a platform through which one can make an impact on the world.

This summer I will be working with other Kairos Society fellows on a book that aims to catalyse young leaders to tackle some of the world’s most intractable problems. In the medium term, I endeavor to ascend Mt Kilimanjaro by next summer.

Alex Wirth
Harvard University

Alex Wirth is an advocate for youth involvement in government, community service, and service-learning. Alex is a Fellow at the Forum for Youth Investment where he Chairs the Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council. He was apointed by Secretary Clinton to the U.S. National Commission for UNESCO where he serves as the youngest member and chairs the youth working group.

In the fall of 2011, Alex founded the Youth Creating Action Network (Youth-CAN) aimed at connecting outstanding high school and college leaders across the United States with each other and opportunities to get involved nationally.

Alex helps to design and implement a 5 million dollar a year service-learning grants program on the State Farm Youth Advisory Board. Alex also serves on the youth council’s of, YSA, the National Youth Association, and the Democratic National Committee.

Currently, Alex is a freshman at Harvard University studying government where he is actively involved in the Harvard Institute of Politics serving on the Special Events and Survey Committee. As a member of the survey committee, Alex helps to write and analyze a nation wide poll of young people.

Alex has presented workshops and served as a moderator at UNFPA Parliamentarians Conference, Boston College, Yale University, National Education Association, TedxCapital, The National Service Learning Conference, and the Department of Education’s first ever National Youth Summit. Alex was selected as an Opportunity Nation Scholar and a Kremlin Fellow.

Alex was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is a sixth generation New Mexican. In High School he was his school’s Student Council President, Chair of the Santa Fe Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board, and a page for the U.S. Senate. In his free time, Alex enjoys being outdoors in the skiing, fishing, and backpacking with his friends. Follow him on twitter @amaliowirth.

Cydni Williams
SUNY Oswego

I currently attend SUNY Oswego where I am pursuing my degrees in Graphic Design and Marketing. After graduation I plan to work a few years before continuing my education on the graduate level to receive an MBA in International Management.

Danni Xie
Harvard University

Originally from Southern California, Danni is a senior at Harvard studying Economics and Psychology. This summer she worked in marketing at PepsiCo, but she is also interested in entrepreneurship and has been involved in a sales/marketing capacity at a few start-ups. Danni is passionate about fashion, brand management, and social innovation, and is looking to combine her passions in order to do good and make a difference.

Samuel K. Yeboah
Mayville State University

I’m passionate about projecting ways to improve the effectiveness of crop production and health in Africa, and provide support to endure sustainable accomplishment. As an aspiring physician and a global activist, I take purposeful actions to make my community, my country and the world a better place to live in for all, and seek to ultimately create a global impact through volunteerism and philanthropy. Motivating not by statement, but by providing supporting support to raise the standard of living of economically disadvantaged populations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Dexter Zhuang
Dartmouth University

I’m a Dartmouth senior passionate about technology and social innovation. I believe the future holds tremendous opportunities for humans to leverage technology products that bring us closer together and address the most pressing socioeconomic challenges.

I aspire to help build and market meaningful Internet and software products that enrich and transform peoples’ lives.

So far, my professional experiences have been mainly focused on marketing and business development for tech startups and consulting for nonprofits and social enterprises.

At Dartmouth, my coursework has included econometrics, game theory, financial markets, object-oriented programming, entrepreneurship, and political economics.