The Start-Up of You Huddle

In the book, we end each chapter with a section called “Invest in Yourself.” It lays out the action steps you need to take to implement the ideas in the book and transform yourself into a living, breathing Start-Up of You. 

As an extension of this section, we’ll be presenting a “Huddle” — seven themed content modules over the next few months that will help you understand the concepts, but more importantly, help you put them into practice. Each biweekly theme will contain blog posts and discussion topics in the LinkedIn Group. The topics of each module and the start date are listed in the table below.

As we write in the book, nobody can do it alone – we all rely on help from others. One goal of the Huddle is to connect you with other readers–people who will help you grow your network and achieve your boldest professional ambitions. We’ll do this in the LinkedIn Group.

We’ll be moving on to a new module every two weeks, so be sure to keep up!

Relationships and Network-Building: Part 1 January 26
Competitive Advantage February 7
ABZ Planning February 21
Relationships and Network-Building: Part 2   March 6
Network Intelligence March 20
Opportunities April 3
Risk April 17