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On Entrepreneurial Career Strategy
The conditions in which entrepreneurs start and grow companies are the conditions we all now face when fashioning a career.
The success of all professionals depends on employers and clients and partners choosing to buy your time.  
Winning careers, like winning start-ups, are in permanent beta: always a work in progress.
On ABZ Career Planning
You remake yourself as you grow and as the world changes. Your identity doesn’t get found. It emerges.
Prioritize plans with the best chance at learning about yourself and the world: more fulfilling career in the long run.
It’s unwise, no matter your stage of life, to try to pinpoint a single dream around which your existence revolves.
A good plan A minimizes the cost of failure. Don’t bet the farm. Iterate bit by bit, learn experience by experience.
Lofty questions about identity and moral purpose take time to work out, and the answers frequently change.
On Finding Your Competitive Advantage
A career move that makes you feel in over your head stretches you in new dimensions and usually contains more upside.
Instead of listing impressive-sounding experiences on your resume, show what you're able to do BECAUSE of your experiences.  
Start a personal blog and begin developing a public reputation and portfolio of work that's not tied to your employer.
Building a competitive advantage involves triangulating assets, aspirations and market realities at every career juncture.
On Relationships
Small, informal networks are efficient at circulating ideas. To increase your opportunity flow, join as many as possible.  
A good way to help people is to introduce them to people and experiences they wouldn't otherwise be able to access.
We need network intelligence in good times and bad. We should constantly tap our networks for information.
On Opportunities
The one disposition and mind-set that must be “on” like electricity to power all opportunity-seeking behaviors: curiosity.
“The best way to ensure that lucky things happen is to make sure a lot of things happen.” -Bo Peabody
Opportunities are like the snap to the quarterback. You still have to move down the field, you still have to execute.
Entrepreneurs don’t start business anywhere, they channel the mindset and skills into finding great business opportunities.
On Risk
The paradox of high short-term risk leading to low long-term risk holds true for careers as well.
Rather than avoiding risk, if you can take intelligent risks, it will give you a competitive edge.
What sets great entrepreneurs apart is not a high tolerance for risk but their ability to judiciously assess and manage it.